Can you crush orange adderal tablets

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Can you snort adderall 20 mg. I dont see how you can crush them. What you need to do is stings or burns at all when you snort it compared to adderall oalways likes to .
Best Answer: no. inside the capsule are little orange beads, you can crush them and snort it, but cant melt it and shoot it. if you dont like to snort things, just .
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7 Jun 2010. Both the "regular" and the "XR" (itty bitty spheres in a capusle) are crushable. Beyond being able to crush them, it all depends on WHY you want to crush .
What I like personally to snort is a mixture of those blue tablets which is a amphetamine mixture (crush it of course) and pour this into a full Adderall pill capsule .
What happens when you crush oxycodone. if you chew/crush a time released table, like the kind you say you have, you will. Then go to the
Oi meninas! O que vou falar hoje interessa muito todas n s mulheres: sobre a p lula anticoncepcional e a maravilha de poder Can you crush orange adderal tablets escolher qual usar e como poder .
You can Can you crush orange adderal tablets allocate a. Everyone is curious why us with all necessities.
How to shoot a orange 30 mg. adderall ir. with Adderall. i just slamed a 30 mg ir adderall the Pill' by JunkieJohn The Adderall IR tablets work well though.
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Best Answer: It's like riddilin---it calms you down if you have ADHD.
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