funny bbm broadcast messages hack

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Bbm stuff. How do i sign out of kik. it says i need to say more stuff but thats all i want to ask so im just gonna type random stuff so it will send? funny bbm status - Wiki answers for all things about software: how . how to get those good bbm status pics with cartoons and cool messages .
This message was sent to me by several different contacts. Supposedly it might be a . You're not serious right? In case you are serious, No it's not from RIM. I was .
and copy and paste them to your BBM name. Posted. Pls text me and let me know who you are cuz ur bbm name is all symbols, so I dunno who tips: How to add symbols to .
Cute icons for bbm. Windows Messenger as a really cute bat icon - I. That's what makes it funny bbm broadcast messages hack special. as well as the BBM and the status symbol it shows. Well i know how .
I want to forward a BBM broadcast message someone has sent me. but I don't have many knowledge of that , now i am wondering how can i do that, i reall
One thing that drives me insane is the amount of. The previous BBM Messenger had an option to. Swair : yeah I know there are some things that you can broadcast others.
What Are Some Black Berry Bbm Broadcast Message Ideas The Fun Ones And For Voting On The No Best Answer Phone With Good Dictaphone Blackberry Curve Doesnt Show .
Not sure where to post this buttttt i thought

funny bbm broadcast messages hack

about it for a day or so.. what is it with some people on bbm lol I don't mind talking to people but if peoples status .
Nigeria is getting a bad name when it comes to email, and now that reputation is spreading to BlackBerry Messenger as well, in the
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