is klonopin smokable off tin foil

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DRUG-FORUMS > Cocaine & Crack . in the movie traffic, what are they smokin off the tinfoil?. .they call it freebase . its a form of free basing butthruogh a pipe .
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seeing how this is a forum why doesnt somebody just answer questions like a normal human being? If you dont know the answer then do not post. Im sure ignorance and .
Can you smoke Vicodin off of tin foil? ChaCha Answer: No references of Naproxen being smokable for a high off of tin foil, sorry. Cha.
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Swipf says "This is another attempt at making a useful post for swipf, as stated in another post swipf wrote, some klonopin powder was used in a cigarette, it may .
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does adderall make you smoke
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